A 360-degree-look at Potential

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Banks look at the corporate clients intensely by means of a 360-degree panorama. As a result, risks will be realized early and the full potential will be tapped. It is a question of a visible change in the management of corporate clients.

As a result of an increased speed in change traditional business models come under pressure. The biggest changes in the continuous phase of transformation towards a completely linked world are imminent. The problems arising of these serious radical changes require for intelligent solutions in all areas of business. But what are these precise challenges?

In our seminar you will understand global long terms in their stable and backlash resistant influence on business models of corporate clients. You will focus on a 360-degree panorama in the advice and, therefore, the full potential will be tapped.

Moreover, you will develop further to an integral advisor with an own personality. The portfolio advisors are put in charge with will improve in composition and decrease in risks. Finally, the corporate Clients will be aware of these added values.


  • Description of the most important phenomenons: Decrease in the lifecycle of products and proceeds as well as of business models of corporate clients
  • Reasons: Digitalization, demography, globalization and substainability
  • Global long terms, also called megatrends and their characteristics
  • Digitalization opens completely new fields of activity for concerns – Consequences and examples
  • Consequences: Increase of volatility and risks. Consequences on business models and on ebits of our customers with examples
  • Catalogue of measures for concerns: Instruments with examples, measures for results, management, business planning and costs
  • Case study 1: concern in the area of surf sail production and sales business
  • Case study 2: concern in audio production and sales business – market leader
  • Understanding the business strategy as well as the development of products and services Furthermore, recognizing the danger of substitution
  • Assecc of competetiveness and room to negotiate as well as price-sensitivity of buyers and suppliers
  • Early realizing of potentials and tapping of the full potential
  • Case study 3: Canvassing of a new customer: building constructor, market leader in his market niche
  • Balance of the investigations: Full potential will be recognized and tapped


This seminar is designed for Advisors of corporate customers, investment analysts, financial Consulting


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