Credit Decisions and Portfolio Composition – Lessons Learned or Not

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In our seminar we will discuss critical decision situations over the entire credit cycle in order to detect patterns of activity lead to insufficiently profitable portfolios or exposure imbalances. Participants bring their experiences from the asset, corporate or bank financing to the debate and to benefit from mutual experiences.

Among other things, you will learn to control the Quality of Dealinflows and the false sense of security by structuring, duplicating or participation in syndicated loans.

We make you familiar with boundary decisions (escalations, restructurings, capital market-oriented business) as well as undervalued risks (mismanagement, fraud, poor asset quality, strategy deficits).

You learn, to understand poor decisions as an all too often result of over-complexity, formalism and insufficient organisational learning od debriefing and what consequences can have an over exposure to specific industries, customers, regions, assets and specific deal structures.


  • Legal Framework:  MaRisk, KWG, InsO, Jurisdiction and regulatory compliance
  • Enhancement in judging capabilities through feedback and consideration of formerly neglected alternatives
  • Stakeholder‘s perspective: Employees, Managers, Owners, Regulator, Legislature, Jurisdiction, Customer and public view


You benefit as Specialist or Manager in credit risk- and portfolio management and internal audit.


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